Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies

So we spent two solid months fighting over the computer so we could play Plants vs. Zombies.  No, really, we did. 

At first we were all nice to each other ... we would say things like, "No, really, there's no need to rush.  Just finish that level and I'll take a turn."  Then it turned into "Ok, as much fun as it is watching you play, my turn started 10 minutes ago." 

This is the "Help Menu."  I love Zombie humor [and spelling!]

Which eventually progressed to trying to trick each other so we could hog the computer.  We'd say things like "The trash needs to be taken out, and it's too heavy.  Could you do it?"  or my husband would pull "I ran you a nice, warm bath." 

Technically, the first picture is an alien plant [created by Ali], but tell me it doesn' look like a PeaShooter!  Another reason Ali's art is awesome!

When those tricks started to wear thin, all the niceties were gone and what was left was a barely contained grouchiness.  We'd snap at each other and say things like "It's your turn to feed the animals.  Get off the computer now ... no, leave the game on.  I'll water your plants for you."

Best Halloween costume I've seen yet!

It got to the point where we would leave the game running while we were at work just so we could earn a few coins.  Yeah, there's nothing pathetic about that, right?  Need even more proof of our nerdliness?  We took pictures of the music video and "notes" from the zombies on my cell phone so we could send them to each other at work for laughs.  Often times we'd look at each other and bust out singing "I like your tricycle" and start giggling madly. 
Then we beat the game AND all of the special missions.  *sighs sadly*  So for the last two months our little game has been left behind.  In an effort to rekindle those fun moments today, I sent the song to my husband's email at work.  *grins*

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  1. I've seen this game on Xbox and couldn't decide if it looked good or like something to totally freak me out. Do you set up plants like turrets and then try to stop the flood of zombies on each level?